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Revamp Your Resume for a Better Chance at Getting Interviews

Case Study 

Client's Background

Our client, Meng-Chin (Sean), aimed to secure a Product Marketing Manager role in the UK, but faced several challenges. 

His problems and challenges

1. He had no prior full-time work experience in the UK.

2. His resume primarily highlighted his experience in pure marketing strategy and campaign management.

3. With 5-6 years of work experience in Asia, his background didn't precisely align with entry-level marketing roles in the UK.


4. Lacked the competitive edge for local marketing manager positions, especially in the domain of product marketing, which demanded substantial and relevant product and go-to-market experience. Moreover, he needed to demonstrate compelling leadership skills for roles involving people management.

5. Lacked clear guidance on how to initiate the refinement of his CV due to his absence of local UK work experience and insights into the industry.

These challenges prompted him to seek our assistance in tailoring his resume for success in the UK job market.

His goal

Sean's goal was to enhance his chances of receiving initial calls and interview invitations for Product Marketing roles.

How we assisted Sean in addressing his challenges

1. Clarity, understanding where he was at and where he wanted to go: We began by working closely with Sean to gain a clear understanding of his career goals, aspirations, and future plans.


This involved in-depth discussions to define his career path, journey, and the specific roles he wanted to apply for in the UK. Through these conversations, we were able to identify his immediate and long-term goals.

With a well-defined goal in mind, we then outlined practical and goal-oriented steps for Sean to take. These steps were designed to bridge the gap between his current situation and where he wanted to be in his career. This comprehensive approach ensured that Sean had a clear roadmap to follow in his job search and career development.


2. Reshaped Resume Content: We revamped Sean's resume content to emphasise his transferable skills and relevant experiences, making it more appealing to UK employers.


3. Highlighting Leadership Skills: We focused on showcasing his leadership and management skills, which are crucial for product marketing roles.


4. Identified the key skills and experiences required and desired for these positions. With this information, we tailored Sean's current CV to highlight his strengths and relevant experiences that aligned with these role requirements. This approach aimed to make his CV more attractive to potential employers in the UK market.

5. Adding UK Context: We incorporated UK-specific context and industry insights into his resume to bridge the gap between his previous Asian experience and the local UK market.

6. Providing Direction: We offered guidance on how to position himself effectively for the roles he was targeting and provided insights into the local job market.


By implementing these changes, we aimed to boost Sean's chances of securing interviews for Product Marketing positions in the UK.

 Meng-Chin (Sean)'s Testimonials

Sean expressed great satisfaction with our career insights and resume update service.

Grace Zheng is more than just a great and precise career coach and an inspiring person. She is detail-oriented, goal-oriented, ambitious and decisive; her knowledge is vast and thorough.


She is also dedicated, self-motivated, organised, and very capable. Is always capable of adapting to new market trends—very positive attitude towards work. Eager professional.


No matter how complex the problem is, she will always come up with a brilliant, elegant, and cost-effective solution.


Experiencing her fast and sharp mind and advice were most remarkable.


It was a great honour to cooperate with her on my career journey.

  • Use my unique framework to assess your current professional skills and opportunities.

    But first of all, understanding yourself lays the foundation for a personalised career growth plan.

    Understanding yourself, your struggles, blockers, strengths, weakness, passion, potentials, personal career goals.

    Real World Example: Analysis of various professionals’ career trajectories with diverse backgrounds.

  • Regardless of age, regardless of position,

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    Objectives: Understand the concept and importance of personal branding. Create a unique personal brand to enhance your networking, increase visibility and opportunities to land an opportunity for interviews

    I’ll coach you through working on real-world examples, and my framework for your to get clarity, build confidence, and take action to build your personal brand to:

    • Find a better job with more prospects.

    • Establish credibility in your fields.

    • Have people pitch or approach you for good opportunities of landing jobs or getting great chancecollaborations.

  • Identify relevant skill gaps.

    Engage in skill enhancement resources and opportunities.

    Skill enhancement is the driving force behind professional growth. In this module, we dissect real-world scenarios where upskilling changed career trajectories. You'll identify your skill gaps and choose learning opportunities, thereby adding a critical layer to your Professional Development Portfolio.

  • Networking isn't just about exchanging business cards; it's about forging lasting professional relationships.

    This module explores the dynamics of effective networking and collaboration, essential elements of your final project.

    You'll learn from real instances of fruitful professional relationships and apply these lessons to start building your own network.

  • Understand the dynamics of the job market and industry trends. Plan and execute a career transition strategy, if necessary.

    Change is the only constant, especially in professional journeys.

    This module coach you on career transitions, preparing you for potential shifts. Through the lens of those who've successfully navigated career changes, you'll strategise your path, an important aspect of your final project, ensuring you remain agile in the ever-evolving job market.

  • Consolidate learnings and artifacts from this coaching programme.

    Create a comprehensive and professional presentation of your growth and future plans.

    We've reached the culmination of our journey - the Professional Development Portfolio. This is more than a project; it's a showcase of your professional narrative, aspirations, and strategy.

    Reflecting on inspiring portfolio examples, you'll synthesise your coursework into a capstone refleciton, ready to serve as a launchpad for your next career leap.

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