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Artificial Intelligence (AI), Technology, Big Data, Analytics, Digital Transformation

Grace leads immersive talks on the stage internationally around Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Data-driven Strategies, Digital Transformation and Business Strategy.


Grace, founder and International Keynote Speaker in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Marketing, Data, has been featured in the AI media and global offline expos and events. 

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    Our founder, Grace is speaking at the AI, Tech & Data Stage of Unlock 2024 Performance Marketing World, London, 5-6 March 2024. Join leading industry experts as they explore the transformative journey of Generative AI in performance marketing. 


    • Discover how it has revolutionised marketing strategies 

    • Delve into the emerging trends and innovations you should keep on your radar

    • Prepare for an insightful discourse that charts a path from AI's inception to its promising future




    With big data serving as the fuel for advanced algorithms, industry experts discuss how collecting, storing and processing large volumes of data can be a challenge and the benefits of executing it successfully.

    • Addressing challenges in ensuring data quality and relevance for effective AI integration.

    • Strategies for managing and processing large datasets to extract meaningful insights.

    • Ethical considerations surrounding the collection, storage, and utilization of vast data for AI purposes.


  • Grace is honored to become the Artificial Intelligence Advisor on the AI & Big Data Expo Global Advisory Panel


    She provides guidance and advice on the AI and Big Data landscape and on how best to reflect that evolving landscape at our global annual expos.



    Our founder, Grace is an international keynote speaker in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Marketing , and Data Analytics across AI & Big Data Expo, Digital Marketing World Forum, Performance Marketing Summit and more. 


    We love to partner with you on both online and offline events, workshops, and webinars, please feel free to contact us. 



Grace's 2024 Speaking Line-up 

Grace's professional speaking topics are around


✅ Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and use cases in Marketing, Advertising and eCommerce.

✅ How to ethically integrate AI into your business.

✅ How business should adapt to the fast developing AI field.

✅ Data governance, data privacy and data management in the AI-powered era.

✅ How to harness AI for seamless digital transformation and more.

✅ AI literacy and team AI literacy training and coaching.

Grace's professional speaking topics are around


✅ Data-driven strategies for business optimal performance and ROI (Return on Investment).

✅ Data literacy across organisations and teams and how to develop data training approach and programmes for founders, teams and individual contributors.

Digital Marketing, Product Marketing, eCommerce, Marketing Analytics

Grace's professional speaking topics are around Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and use cases in Marketing, Advertising and eCommerce, how business should adapt to the fast developing AI field, ethical AI, AI-driven personalisation, machine learning, data privacy and monetisation, Data quality management, enterprise AI Adoption, how to harness AI for seamless digital transformation and more.


Rachael R.

DMWF Portfolio Director | Event Strategy & ExecutionDMWF Portfolio Director | Event Strategy & Execution

Grace spoke at DMWF Global in June 2023. Our audience loved Grace's expertise and camaraderie on stage. It's clear from learning from Grace on stage that she has abundant experience and expertise in data and analytics in digital marketing, and data literacy. We would be delighted to have Grace back speaking at DMWF events in the future.

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