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Leadership and Manifestation Facilitation

Imagine you're crafting your own leadership narrative...

Identifying your core values, vision,

and the story you want to live out as leaders,

leading yourself with values that aligned with your identity, self-truth, 

and ultimately leading others, team, group, community and organisation. 

Envision your leadership and your manifestation powerfully merging to enable extraordinary achievements. 

When leadership and manifestation work together, you gain the skills, mindset, self-worth, self-love, wellness, and strategies necessary to lead effectively and turn your vision into reality, setting the stage for ongoing success and fulfilment.

This transformative programme is designed to empower individuals to harness their innate leadership qualities and manifestation abilities to achieve personal and professional success.


When you are leading yourself, it’s going to be much easier to lead others, and ultimately, leading audience, team, group, community, and organisation and let leadership in your circle see and approve your capability.

  • Discovery and deep-dive in leadership and manifestation.
    Exploring the interconnection between leading effectively and manifesting desires.
    Self-assessment: Identifying your current leadership strengths and areas for growth.

  • Product Marketing Manager 

  • Meng-chin (Sean) T.

  • Grace Zheng is more than just a great and precise career coach and an inspiring person. She is detail-oriented, goal-oriented, ambitious and decisive; her knowledge is vast and thorough. She is also dedicated, self-motivated, organised, and very capable. Is always capable of adapting to new market trends—very positive attitude towards work. Eager professional. No matter how complex the problem is, she will always come up with a brilliant, elegant, and cost-effective solution. Experiencing her fast and sharp mind and advice were most remarkable. It was a great honour to cooperate with her on my career journey.

  • Where you are now

  • Where you want to be

  • What is your "why"

  • Programme breakdown

  • Use my unique framework to assess your current professional skills and opportunities.

    But first of all, understanding yourself lays the foundation for a personalised career growth plan.

    Understanding yourself, your struggles, blockers, strengths, weakness, passion, potentials, personal career goals

    Assess Your Current State and Goals: We'll start by identifying where you currently stand in your career and life, and where you aspire to be. This involves deep introspection about your 'why' – the core motivations driving you.

    Uncover Your True Desires: Together, we will explore what you genuinely desire and are passionate about, free from external pressures, voices, and judgments. This is about discovering your authentic aspirations, unshaped by the world’s expectations.

    Challenge and Overcome Limiting Beliefs: We'll identify the beliefs that are holding you back and work on transforming them. This process involves recognising these limiting thoughts and understanding their impact on your life and career.

    Develop Empowering Strategies: We will dive deep into formulating strategies to replace your limiting beliefs with empowering thoughts. This includes building a mindset geared towards growth, resilience, and positivity, paving the way for personal and professional development.

    Real World Example: Analysis of various professionals’ career trajectories with diverse backgrounds.

Programme breakdown

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