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'Every small business deserves to scale with AI-Driven Marketing and Data-Led Business Strategies' 

Grace Zheng

Founder & AI advisor, Kosh Duo

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, the future of founding, growing, and scaling businesses is increasingly anchored in THREE pivotal elements

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence acts as the vanguard of innovation. 


AI applications throughout customer interaction and engagement in marketing and product marketing cycles.

Personalisation, automated efficiency, predictive insights, innovative problem-solving and many more. 

Data is the lifeblood of modern business strategy. Optimised data and modelling lay the foundation of informed decision-making.  


Optimised data and modelling ensure that businesses are not just data-rich but also reason-driven and insights-driven.

Optimised Data and Modelling

Effective Marketing and Go-to-Market Strategies

Why do you need to know the art of capturing markets to effective grow your brand and products? 


Who is your ICP? How can you effectively target and convert your audience to your customers? 


Effective marketing and Go-to-Market strategies are crucial for business growth as they enhance brand visibility, foster customer engagement, leads, and conversions, and ensure successful market entry for new products.

Launching your products and business but not sure about marketing?

Looking for how to go to market, build your brand, acquire your customers more effectively? 

Our unique and proven framework and strategy helps you:


Grow and scale your business by leveraging Artificial Intelligence , Marketing & Go-to-Market excellence and Data Strategies. 

Manifesting getting my FIRST high-ticket clientas a solopreneur while still maintaining a busy 9-5 job.

Do you have a good product-market fit but are not sure about how to go to market? 


Not sure about what marketing and data strategy to use? And How to leverage 

Sound familiar?


❌  Are you struggling to secure your first high-ticket client as a entrepreneur / coach / consultant?  


❌  Are your struggling in marketing for your business and product go-to-market? 

❌  Are you grappling with the challenge of launching your own product or business?


❌  It's more than just tough; I've been there. 

❌  Is managing your time, productivity, and well-being a challenge as you transition into your business as a solopreneur / entrepreneur? 

We help you through the process of successfully growing your business and acquiring your customers:


✅  From conducting the inner work necessary for a mindset evolution. YOU CAN. YOU MUST. YOU WILL.

✅  Develop and execute effective and proven Marketing strategy powered by AI and data-driven mindset

✅  Develop strategies for effective business pricing models, ensuring you attract and secure high-ticket clients

✅  Master time management and productivity

✅  Navigate the financial and emotional implications of transitioning to a fulfilling entrepreneurship

Discovery call with founders, entrepreneurs, and executives

Explore unique perspectives, exchange innovative ideas, and unlock potential synergies and see what I can help. 


Whether you're a founder, solopreneur, entrepreneur, or executive, this conversation could be the catalyst for mutual success and groundbreaking collaboration.

Book now and connect with me and see what I can help or collaborate. 

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